Album Preview: "From Time to Time"

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign to support the release of The Arrowhead EP, Jake is set to release his first full-length album From Time to Time in July 2016. The 10-song album highlights Jake’s willingness to expose his life in a candid, passionate way that is wholly relatable and, at times, hauntingly captivating. Drawing inspiration from Tom Petty, Willie Nelson, Sturgill Simpson, and Jason Isbell, From Time to Time takes listeners on a 39-minute journey through life’s rawest emotions. From the allure of chasing one’s dreams, to unraveling the complexities of failed relationships and confronting the cold solitude of depression, Jake’s songwriting opens doors to places we’ve all been before.

Jake’s creative ambition to give these songs life began in a Northeast Minneapolis warehouse in the fall of 2014. Secluded in the building’s basement, Jake and his producer, August Ogren, transformed an 1,800 sq/ft room into a professional recording studio and practice space named The Petting Zoo. This space served as the inspiration factory for From Time to Time and has become a home for many other local groups including Bad Bad Hats and Carroll. “The Petting Zoo allowed us to give this album the attention-to-detail it deserved and is as much a part of this record as any member of the band,” said Jones. “It continues to provide us, and many other groups, with the freedom to creatively refine our craft.”

Since starting this journey in 2014, Jake and his band have entertained audiences across the midwest and beyond. From loud, sold out rooms at The Turf Club and Treasure Island’s Parlay Lounge to intimate shows at the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater and Sofar Nashville, Jones’s band brings a captivating energy to any venue. In addition to full-band shows, Jake regularly transforms his music by performing acoustically as a solo or duo act around the Twin Cities area. He has shared the stage with a number of notable national acts including: Rayland Baxter, The Ballroom Thieves, and The Cains.

Jake’s distinct sound is characterized by the musical diversity that his fellow band members bring to the stage. Raised on classic country and the blues, Sam Johnson (electric guitar) draws from these genres adding screaming solos and catchy rhythmic motifs that compliment Jake’s songwriting. Leng Moua (bass) finds ways to create ear-grabbing counter melodies that create a signature foundation upon which every song is built. As a music engineer by trade, August Ogren’s (drums) ability to incorporate unique yet recognizable rhythmic ideas pushes Jake to stretch further as a musician and songwriter.

Track List:
1.) Chasing Dreams
2.) Whiskey/Water
3.) Mary
4.) Let Go
5.) Mexico
6.) Cowboy song
7.) Voodoo Queen
8.) Turn Up the Heat
9.) Dancing in the Rain
10.) Reputation 

Jake Jones

Jake Jones Music, Minneapolis, MN, 55405, USA