Cowboy song (live)

Recorded live at The Hook & Ladder Theater in Minneapolis, MN on April 27th, 2017.

From Time to time - Jake jones

Jake Jones has released his first full-length album From Time to Time. The 10-song album highlights Jake’s willingness to expose his life in a candid, passionate way that is wholly relatable and, at times, hauntingly captivating. Drawing inspiration from Tom Petty, Willie Nelson, Sturgill Simpson, and Jason Isbell, From Time to Time takes listeners on a 39-minute journey through life’s rawest emotions. From the allure of chasing one’s dreams, to unraveling the complexities of failed relationships and confronting the cold solitude of depression, Jake’s songwriting opens doors to places we’ve all been before.

From Time to Time is currently available for purchase on CD, vinyl, and mp3 and to stream on Spotify.

-- The Band --


Whiskey Water

Recorded live at The Petting Zoo 4.10.2016

Live at 105.1 BOB FM


Chasing Dreams

Recorded live at Sofar Nashville 1.16.2016

upcoming Shows

August 17th @ 7:30pm in St. Paul, MN - Turf Club


- Past Shows -

July 5th @ 7:00pm in St. Paul, MN - Turf Club

June 16th @ 7:00pm in Minneapolis, MN - Stone Arch Bridge Fest

May 31st @ 9:00pm in St. Paul, MN (solo acoustic) - Amsterdam Bar and Hall

April 27th @ 6:00pm in Minneapolis, MN - The Hook & Ladder

April 28th @ 8:00pm in Des Moines, IA - The Whiskey House 

April 6th @ 7:30 pm in St. Paul, MN - Merle Haggard Tribute

February 24th @ 8:00pm in St. Paul, MN - Turf Club

January 20th @ 7:30pm in St. Paul, MN - Turf Club


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